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What To Expect When You Get Home From Total Hip Surgery

Posted by Peter Gunnison on Mar 26, 2015

You’ll be busy in the hospital for the first few days after your total hip joint replacement. You’ll learn how to get in and out of bed and chairs, how to walk with crutches or a walker, and how to do a number of exercises to strengthen...

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3 Questions You Should Ask Your Obstetrician About Diet And Exercise

Posted by Peter Gunnison on Mar 10, 2015

Being pregnant and giving birth is an exciting time, but it can also be filled with a lot of questions. Every pregnant woman wants to make sure that her baby is as healthy as possible, and is often informed that the health of her own body will...

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What’d You Say?! Surprising Answers To Hearing Aid Questions

Posted by Peter Gunnison on Feb 27, 2015

With so much information readily available online, it is fairly easy to assume you are educated about anything. This is especially true when it comes to hearing loss and the various types of hearing aids and devices that you can get. Unfortunately,...

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3 Questions To Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Before Considering Breast Enhancement Surgery

Posted by Peter Gunnison on Feb 17, 2015

Whether you’re considering getting breast implants or getting a lift/reduction, making the decision to get breast enhancement surgery isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. There are a great deal of factors to take into...

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The Pros And Cons Of Having A Chemical Peel

Posted by Peter Gunnison on Oct 14, 2014

A chemical peel is a procedure done to aid in the removal of blemishes. The top layer of skin is removed from your body during the procedure. The removal of this dead skin will reveal more healthy skin underneath. There are a few different peels...

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Types Of Assisted Living Options

Posted by Peter Gunnison on Oct 14, 2014

Independence, which can be defined as the ability to live your life as you see fit, is a beautiful thing. Due to age or injuries, however, people can find themselves in a position where they no longer are able to care for themselves. When this...

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Chair Ramps

If the only access to a building is stairs, that building is completely closed off to those in wheelchairs. Ramps can also help those with bad knees.

Lift Chairs

A more high-tech version, lift chairs are perfect for installation in a home or other building that needs to be wheelchair accessible but can't be completely remodeled to fit requirements.

Other Technology

Recent advances in technology and the computer world have helped make great leaps in the land of wheelchair accessibility, such as special controls or motors.