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What’d You Say?! Surprising Answers To Hearing Aid Questions

Posted by on Feb 27, 2015 in Blog, Health & Medical

With so much information readily available online, it is fairly easy to assume you are educated about anything. This is especially true when it comes to hearing loss and the various types of hearing aids and devices that you can get. Unfortunately, what you think is factual may not always be the truth. There are a lot of misleading answers you can encounter when searching for information on the Internet. Here are a few surprising answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning hearing aids. Can’t you just order a hearing aid online without seeing an audiologist? It is true that you can order hearing devices online from several different suppliers and outlets. However, there is a big difference between a hearing device and a hearing aid. Devices are used simply to amplify hearing for the average person. It is a one-size-fits-all kind of approach. However, hearing aids from a professional are designed to fit your ear’s shape and offer the power you need to coincide with the type of hearing loss you have been experiencing. Won’t everyone be able to see that you have a hearing aid? Modern hearing aids are small, easily concealed devices that fit inside of the ear canal. Whereas outdated versions often...

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3 Questions To Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Before Considering Breast Enhancement Surgery

Posted by on Feb 17, 2015 in Blog, Health & Medical

Whether you’re considering getting breast implants or getting a lift/reduction, making the decision to get breast enhancement surgery isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. There are a great deal of factors to take into consideration– cost, recovery time, scarring, and the risks of any surgery to name a few. How well your surgery is performed also highly depends on how much skill and experience your surgeon has. It pays to ask your potential surgeon a few crucial questions before making any decisions. Here are three vital questions you should ask before considering breast enhancement surgery: Can I Speak to Previous Patients? While most surgeons will tout their credentials upfront, it’s a better idea to ask to speak to previous patients and find out how satisfied they are with their surgeries. Breast enhancement surgeries vary immensely from doctor to doctor, and the best way to get an idea of a surgeon’s work is to see the results and speak to previous patients. In lieu of this, you can also ask to view before/after photos. Ask to see a wide assortment of photos– especially those depicting patients that have had the same surgery you’re looking to receive. What If There Are Complications? All surgeries sometimes have complications. It’s best...

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