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What To Expect When You Get Home From Total Hip Surgery

Posted by on Mar 26, 2015 in Blog, Health & Medical

You’ll be busy in the hospital for the first few days after your total hip joint replacement. You’ll learn how to get in and out of bed and chairs, how to walk with crutches or a walker, and how to do a number of exercises to strengthen the muscles in your hip. When you’re discharged from the hospital, you’ll be ready to complete your recovery at home. Here is what you can expect for the next few weeks and months at home with your new hip joint. Focusing on Muscle Strength For several weeks after you get home, you’ll be doing physical therapy often to build up the muscles in your hip. During the joint replacement surgery, the muscles were disrupted and weakened. To regain the full range of motion in your hip, physical therapy and exercise strengthens the muscles and makes them flexible again. Whether you’re working with a physical therapist or doing your own exercises, some tips to get the most from these workouts include: take your pain medication before the routines to reduce the pain experienced during and after the movements do each movement slowly and only to the point of discomfort – do not overwork your hip joint immediately report any unusual sensations in your...

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3 Questions You Should Ask Your Obstetrician About Diet And Exercise

Posted by on Mar 10, 2015 in Blog, Health & Medical

Being pregnant and giving birth is an exciting time, but it can also be filled with a lot of questions. Every pregnant woman wants to make sure that her baby is as healthy as possible, and is often informed that the health of her own body will largely influence how healthy her child his. It is clear that a nutritious diet and some exercise will help a woman keep her body healthy, but the specifics of a nutritious diet or exercise regimen might change when a woman is pregnant. In order to get the facts straight about diet and exercise, ask your obstetrician, like one at Mile High OB GYN, these three questions. 1. How Much Weight Should I Gain? When you ask this question, make sure that you are not expecting a number. Every woman’s body is different and every woman will react to pregnancy differently. As a result, there is no one answer that you obstetrician is able to give you. However, this question is still worth asking because your obstetrician will be able to give you a range of weight that would be healthy for you to gain. This question is important to ask because it will allow you to keep track of your caloric intake and...

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