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Virtual Vs. Visit: Which Type Of House Call To Use

Posted by on Jan 20, 2016 in Blog, Health & Medical

If you’re tired of having to wait in urgent care waiting rooms for hours, surrounded by people with potentially contagious diseases — or if you just don’t want to inflict whatever you might have on other people — the return of the housecall should be a welcome event. But even then, a doctor’s visit can be difficult due to entirely practical reasons. One option is a virtual house call, where no one actually visits you. These have raised some concerns but have proven to be popular for basic issues. Which one you choose depends on what you want to get out of the appointment. Chronic Problems Sometimes you know the symptoms you’re experiencing well because they signal the return of a chronic problem, and all you need is a prescription refill. That’s something that your doctor’s office might be able to handle over the phone, but if the problem occurs over the weekend, you might not want to wait. Rather than sitting for several hours in urgent care, or paying a lot to have a doctor come out, a telemedicine session where you chat via video with a doctor could be more convenient. However, a video chat may be inappropriate if the symptoms seem particularly severe, if the symptoms...

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Helping Or Enabling? 4 Tips To Break Free Of Dysfunctional Helping Relationships

Posted by on Jan 4, 2016 in Blog, Health & Medical

Dysfunctional helping relationships are relationships where one person is typically designated in the helping role, while the other person is enabled by the helper. Sometimes these relationships are described as codependent and it can be difficult to identify the problem and break free of their cyclic nature. Take A Hard Look At Yourself It is easy to be critical of the other person involved and label them as enabled. However, you need to spend time reflecting on the underlying reasons you have allowed dysfunctional relationships to start or continue. Be honest and acknowledge the relationship is self-serving in some way. Dysfunctional helping relationships can have a twisted way of giving your life purpose and helping combat loneliness. You may look over previous relationships and determine the only way you seem to become close to others is when you assume the helping role. Differentiate Between Need And Want One of the hallmarks of dysfunctional helping relationships is the desire to be needed. You may inadvertently seek out relationships where you feel needed, as opposed to wanted. The people you seek out are often troubled in some way and you may feel like you can “fix” them or their situation. This only continues the vicious cycle of finding yourself stuck in...

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