Hire A Home Health Aide For These Reasons Following Joint-Replacement Surgery

When many people think of hiring a home health aide to provide care in the comfort of home, they think that this service is reserved for those who are elderly or otherwise immobile. While it’s true that many people opt for in-home healthcare as they age, the reality is that you don’t have to be in your later years to benefit from this type of care. If you’ve recently had a joint replacement surgery, you might find that hiring a home health aide for a few days or even longer can make your life much easier as you recuperate at home. Here as some specific things that this healthcare professional can do for you. 

Administering Medication

After a surgery of this magnitude, you’ll be prescribed a few types of medication to alleviate pain and prevent infection. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about when to take the pain pills, for example, having a home health aide visit you can take this burden off your shoulders. It’s also common to receive syringes to inject yourself to avoid infection. This isn’t a task that many people want to perform on themselves, and your family members may not want to do it, either. In this case, it’s best to rely on a home health aide for this type of care.

Changing The Bandages

Your surgeon will give you clear instructions on changing your incision bandages daily, as well as a supply of bandages for the job. If you feel queasy about removing the bandages, cleaning any residual blood and applying new bandages, however, it’s best to hire a home health aide for this job. On your own, you might be tempted to forgo this daily task, which will increase your risk of an infection and compromise your health.

Helping With Mobility

One of the biggest challenges that you’ll face after a joint-replacement surgery is a diminished degree of mobility. Simply put, it will be hard to get around the house, even with mobility aides. You can rely on a home health aide to provide valuable assistance in this manner. He or she will be able to support your body whether you’re getting up to go the bathroom, attempting to bathe yourself, or just taking a walk around the house or driveway to get a bit of exercise. This can be valuable when you live on your own or if you’re significantly bigger than your spouse, as he or she might not be able to safely support the weight of your body.

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