Portable Ultrasound Machines And Livestock Reproduction

If you own a farm that raises livestock, you know that having good reproduction rates is important to its success. Animals do not see a veterinarian as often as humans see their doctor during the course of their gestation. This means that it is harder to determine just what is going on. To improve the chances of keeping your livestock replenished, consider investing in a handheld ultrasound scanner. You might not be able to read it as accurately or precisely as a doctor, but it can give you a lot of insight into the pregnancy.

Verifying Breeding

Generally, you put your males and females together and watch for them to mate. Since the female will only allow the male to attempt mating when she is in heat, and the most fertile, you assume conception took place and wait until you can verify this by palpating the fetus. Unfortunately, this can waste time. Some animals, like goats and sheep, are not able to conceive all year long. If you miss their fertility time or if the breeding does not take, you have to wait until the next breeding season before you will get any results. A portable ultrasound machine can detect a fetus much earlier than palpation and is more accurate. If a breeding does not result in successful conception, you will know in time to put the female back with the male when she is ready to come into heat again, increasing the chance for pregnancy during the season.

Trouble During Labor

While most animals do not require any assistance to deliver their babies, sometimes things do go wrong. With a portable ultrasound machine, you can go out to the animal no matter where she is and find out if everything is going along smoothly. Perhaps you have a cow out in the far pasture who has decided to go into labor early and is not coming back to the barn, Go out to find her with the machine and see what is going on. The fetus may be turned the wrong way, there may be a problem with the umbilical cord being wrapped or knotted, or perhaps there are two fetuses and one is blocking the way out. When you can visualize what is happening, you can take steps to fix any problems. While this might mean the vet needs to come out, at least you know before things get to a deadly stage.

It makes good sense to keep track of any females that may be pregnant and check on the progress of the pregnancy regularly. Humans do it, why should you leave the lives of your livestock to chance? For more information on ultrasound devices, contact a company like Keebomed.