About Wheelchairs and Me

Hi, my name is Peter Gunnison. This is my site, Medical Ramp. I was inspired to start it after my oldest son was in a horrible football accident. I won’t go into the gory details, but he ended up hurting his back and legs pretty seriously. Luckily, it was nothing permanent. After extensive surgery and physical therapy, his life returned more or less to normal.

However, this normalcy came at a price-and I’m not just talking about the hospital expenses my wife and I had to pay. My son spent 6 months in a wheelchair. In addition to all the stress of therapy and hospital visits, we soon realized that many of our favorite places, including our home, were not wheelchair accessible. This got me thinking about what would have happened if our son’s injuries had been permanent. Then I took it further. What if my elderly mother fell and had to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair? What about when my wife’s father’s arthritis gets to the point of being confined to a wheelchair? I realized that we needed to take steps to make our home and theirs more easily accessible-both to prevent falls and to help if and when wheelchairs are necessary.

I hope this information helps you take the proper precautions, or at least recognize some of the difficulties that people in wheelchairs face every day.