Necessary Wheelchair Accessories

Being in a wheelchair is hard enough, but it doesn’t help that it often comes with other medical problems and needs. And unfortunately, wheelchairs are not the most comfortable chairs themselves. Usually, other accessories are required, both for accessibility and medical reasons.

Electric Motors

You have seen these around: the motorized scooters many disabled and elderly people use to get around. Although they are not a wise investment for anyone who is only temporarily in a wheelchair, they are great for someone who is confined to a chair but also wants independence. Electric motors can be easily purchased to help a person in a wheelchair get themselves around.

Medical Accessories

Many people in wheelchairs also need extra medical help, such as oxygen tanks, canes or crutches, a handy place for pills or diabetes insulin, etc. Luckily, there are many stores that sell wheelchair attachments to help carry these things. Never worry about rolling an oxygen tank behind your wheelchair again.

There are also special gloves and arm and leg rests that help provide extra comfort, especially for medical reasons. You don’t want your grandmother’s hands getting all torn up from trying to wheel herself around.

Comfort and Safety

Those who are in wheelchairs for long periods of time know that they are not comfortable. But each person will find them uncomfortable in their own way; each body is different and needs it’s own type of seat. A way to customize your wheelchair and make it comfortable for you or your loved one is to invest in wheelchair cushions.

Make sure that the wheelchair is also fitted with a seat belt, brakes, folding lock, and other safety features. Especially after original medical problems, you don’t want a wheelchair accident to cause even more.

From umbrella holders to cup holders, from the mundane to the necessary, there are all sorts of wheelchair accessories available to customize your new ride.